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Poly Zinc supports healthy skin, coat, and hoof quality. Also promotes connective tissue formation and immune function. Coated with polysaccharide to protect it from being released until it reaches the site where it is most effectively absorbed.

1lb jar = 151 day supply

Feed at the rate of 1/2 scoop daily. 1 scoop = approximately 3 g (included) While other vitamin or mineral deficiencies may not be easily noticeable to the eye, issues with Zinc levels often present in ways that are readily seen.

A definite sign of Zinc deficiency is bleaching of the coat and red ends on black manes and tails. This is typically blamed on sun exposure, which is true, but horses with adequate levels of melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its color, will not undergo these changes. Melanin also protects against UV radiation and chemical damage. Zinc in combination with Copper supports the production of melanin in darkly colored manes and coats.

Hoof quality also suffers with Copper and Zinc deficiency. Poor hoof quality despite good health care, such as brittle, flaking hoof walls, thrush, etc., may indicate a Zinc deficiency.

Zinc deficiencies have been linked to:

– poor coat
– mouth ulcers
– flaky skin
– poor hoof quality
– poor fertility
– low immunity
– predisposition to skin infections
– ongoing thrush
– abscesses

This Poly Zinc supplement is coated with polysaccharide, which protects it from being released until it reaches the digestive site where it is most effectively absorbed for maximum bioavailability.

Liver biopsy is the only definitive way to diagnose Zinc deficiency, but poor hoof quality, bleached coats and flaking skin are common outward signs. Hay analyses from across the United States confirm that Zinc is the most common trace mineral deficiency. Analysis of your own hay can confirm this.

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