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Sand-Free™ is an all-natural high-quality psyllium seed husk with added probiotics, often used in areas where sand is present. Absorbs water in the intestines to form a gel-like substance to aid in removal of sand and may help reduce the possibility of digestive impaction. Sand-Free™ is in pellet form to enhance consumption and ease of feeding.

  • 99% Psyllium Seed/Husks
  • Direct Fed Microbials

Psyllium is made from the husk of seeds of the shrub-like herb called plantago ovata. Psyllium is a high-fiber dietary additive commonly fed to horses to help expel sand from the digestive system which may aid in the prevention of colic, impaction, diarrhea and other problems associated with a build-up of sand in the colon. Second, it falls in the category of “prebiotic,” meaning it serves as a source of food for the beneficial bacteria that live in the colon.

Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that help promote healthy digestive function and support a healthy immune system. Often referred to as ‘good bugs’ they help break down ingredients/contents that the body normally can’t, and help inhibit ‘bad bugs’ from growing.

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