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Use at the rate of 70 g-140 g daily for 7 days. Repeat cycle every 21-28 days. 1 scoop = approximately 70 g (included)

Horses have complicated digestive systems, and when a horse grazes off the ground or short pasture, particularly very sandy soils, it ingests sand from the ground, which can accumulate in the intestinal tract.  Psyllium helps absorb moisture to soften the stool to support normal gut and colon health and function.

Psyllium is a natural soluble fiber with a myriad of positive digestive health effects.  When Psyllium husks combine with water, they form a gelatinous mass that flows through the horse’s intestinal tract. This mass helps to keep waste moving through the intestines to help keep your horse’s intestinal tract flowing regularly.

For best results, use Psyllium pellets on a regular basis, 70-140g, for 5 to 7 days every month to support normal, healthy digestive function in your horse.

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