Magnesium Oxide


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This is the same Uckele Magnesium Oxide with a different label and a larger scoop.  Simple save the smaller scoop and keep the same dosage you have been using.

It is double the amount of magnesium per serving in comparison to the Uckele Magnesium Oxide so if you are feeding the 2500 mg per serving, the Smart & Simple Magnesium Oxide will last double the amount of time that the Uckele Magnesium Oxide did. For example, using the suggested 5,000 mg per serving of Magnesium Oxide, the 3 lb bucket of The Smart & Simple Magnesium is a 154 day supply ($0.43/per day) and the 10 lb of Smart & Simple Magnesium is a 515 day supply ($0.39/day).If customers want to stick with the 2,500 mg per serving like the Uckele product, the 3 lb bucket of The Smart & Simple Magnesium is a 308 day supply and then 10 lb would last 1,030 days for one horse.

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