November/December News From The Ranch

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We are very thankful for your patronage this past year. It was a busy one for sure with new customers added thanks to your referrals. Effective December 1, 2023 we will raise our Referral reward to $15. This will be credited to your account upon receipt of your referrals first order. Help us to continue to grow and serve your equine needs.

Yes, this photo is real, no photoshop and was taken just a couple of weeks ago as I was headed to the barn to feed. How special is that!

We were blessed with a fun and successful year of adventures with our best adventure supervisor Chili. 2023 was the year to get back into it and recover from 2022. Makena came to the barn at the end of last year. She had a little healing up to do and we had to work on our relationship but after 660 miles we pretty much have each other sorted out. We attended events in Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, California and for the first time Colorado. We did 4 rides that we had never done before and got to share trail with friends we rarely see as well as our regular trail buddies. May and Nugget also got to do a few rides. As they are now 24 and 25 we are a little picky with the rides they attend and how we approach our trail strategy. There is just nothing better than that steady, reliable older horse that you can take anywhere and do anything with so we have to treat them like the gold they are. Fancy is now fully retired and in charge of things around here teaching these new red mares how it is done. She enjoys lots of free roam turn out. After getting a solid start with Josie Donahue here in Reno, Penelope went off to boot camp with Mark Scheurman for 4 months. What an amazing partner she is becoming. At only 5 we will be taking it easy and seeing what she is ready for as the year goes on. Can’t wait to get her out to explore the world. It was a good year to be sure and lots to be thankful for!

Take a close look at the coming delivery schedule. I had to make a few minor changes to accommodate some other events we have going on. This is a good time of year to make sure you have a little extra in the feed room just incase the weather decides not to cooperate and days have to be adjusted.

We are happy to support our local equine non-profits with discounts on products. We will also take direct donations for non-profits and apply credit directly to their accounts so they can order what they need or you can donate specific items and we will deliver to them on your behalf. I will be highlighting our current non-profits throughout the year. If you have an equine non-profit that we are not yet affiliated with let them know to contact us and we will set them up.

KT Equine Redemption is a local horse rescue (and often takes in other farm animals in need). They are a full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. They will help any horse in need, any way they can. We have been associated with KT for several years and always love going out to visit. This team has made a huge difference in the lives of so many animals. They have a great team of dedicated people providing healthy living situation full of compassion and love. They work hard to find homes for those horses that can be rehomed and give second chances to horses that others have written off. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in the lives of the animals they help. You can check them out on their Facebook Page at:

It is always best to get your order for the month in as early as possible. You can text, email or order on line. Please take a look at the schedule to make sure you have your orders in as early as possible. We will not deliver during wet weather. It is just too hard on some of the feeds to be exposed to moisture if you don’t have the ability to open the bags and let them breath a bit upon delivery. Putting the schedule out a few months ahead still seems to be working well, so we will continue to post three months of deliveries at a time. With fuel prices as high as they are we will be trying to be as efficient as possible in our delivery days. We are making fewer additional trips to town as well so our ability to fit in a last minute order is a little limited so may not happen as fast as you have experienced in the past. Special trips to town for that “I have to have it or else…” order will have a $10 delivery fee. If you need to, you can always stop by and pick up anything you might need, just give us a call ahead of time to schedule. The sooner you get your orders in the better we are able to plan, but not later than 5pm the night before your scheduled delivery day. With winter will come weather than can impact our deliveries. If we have to make changes we will let you know. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have enough to carry your through an extra week if the weather keeps us from delivering as planned. In anticipation of many of your stocking up for the winter and taking advantage of the coupon we will start getting orders out this week if we have them. Get your orders in soon to be able to take advantage of the coupon. Thank you You can place your order here and pay on line. Paypal, Credit Card and Venmo Products and Service are charged a 3% convenience fee. If you still want to pay with cash, check or Venmo then simply select cash on delivery. Discounts and coupons are applied after you place your order online and may affect your final total. If you have any questions please email

Tami Rougeau

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