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Spring Mountains

“Life has got all those twists and turns. You’ve got to hold on tight and off you go.”
— Nicole Kidman

And here we are, halfway through 2022. The solstice has welcomed in summer and it appears to be staying for the time being. The wild flowers are out in full force right now. If you have not been out yet you better hurry or you will miss them. The higher elevations are just beginning. I had the pleasure of pulling ribbons for the Wild West Endurance Ride last weekend. There was a lot of elevation in the ride. It was so interesting to see what was blooming as made our way up and down 20 miles of Sierra Mountain trail.

We are going to make a change to our delivery schedule for July so that we can accommodate a trip to see my dad for his 82nd birthday. We really hope that does not mess up anything for anyone but we figure early is better than late. Just remember that the next delivery after that is 5 weeks out so please plan accordingly.

For those of you who are using more than 50 bags of any one item in a 3 month period and you would be interested in purchasing by the pallet (50 bags to a pallet) please let us know. Right now we are just putting the question out there to see if there is interest. Typically the storage space is the issue but if you have room it may be a good option for you.


With the warmer weather finally upon us don’t forget the electrolytes to keep your horse drinking and properly hydrated. Perfect Balance Electrolytes are our go to choice. It comes in both powder and paste form for easy dosing. We carry the 4lb tub and the single dose syringe.

Sugar and Filler Free Electrolyte balanced to match the proportion of electrolytes lost through sweat.

  • Low cost per serving
  • Small Serving Size
  • Concentrated Chloride Levels
  • Chelated minerals for improved absorption
  • Sugar, filler, Dextrose & Sodium Bicarbonate free
  • Perfect for re-hydration before and after strenuous exercise
  • Made with only high quality, food grade ingredients
  • Horse Journal Product of the Year

“Perfectly balanced to match sweat losses. Very concentrated formula with no sugars or other fillers.”
– Horse Journal

Perfect Balance Electrolite is formulated to match the proportion of electrolytes lost in horse’s sweat. This ensures accurate balance and absorption for all horses. Perfect Balance Electrolite also provides concentrated Chloride levels which new studies indicate is an extremely important but often overlooked electrolyte. Perfect Balance Electrolite provides rapid re-hydration by including proper levels of Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Sulfate, Magnesium, Calcium and chelated minerals in a highly concentrated and palatable formula.

 Perfect Balance Electrolite is an excellent choice for performance, trail or IR horses.

As the cost of feeding our animals continues to increase we have received a number of calls about using pelleted and cubed forage to help stretch the hay in the barn. Besides being a great way to get more hydration these are also great ways to help your hay supply go a little farther. You substitute on a one-to-one basis. So if you are feeding 15 lbs of hay per day and you want to decrease to 10 lbs of hay then you would add 5 lbs dry pellets or cubes. Remember to always soak your pellets or cubes until they fall apart and make a mash. How soupy you make it depends on your horse. Our horses like a nice wet mash and it is that much more water they are taking in at the same time. Some horses prefer a more oatmeal consistency. If you want to try some let us know.

easyshoe glue on

The nicer weather means more events, more camping, more trail riding and more outdoor exploring. EasyCare has a whole like of glue on boots and shoes that will get your through whatever adventure you are planning. If you are thinking gluing call ahead to make sure we have the style and size you need on hand. If you want me to glue on then please plan ahead and get on my schedule. I am only gluing here at the ranch to ensure I have everything I need on hand. Your horse does need to have been trimmed within a week of getting glue ons applied. If you want to learn how to do it yourself it is easy and I can show you how.

Delivery Days

Putting the schedule out a few months ahead seems to be working well for most all of you so we will continue to post three months of deliveries at a time. With fuel prices as high as they are we will be trying to be as efficient as possible in our delivery days. We are making fewer additional trips to town as well so our ability to fit in a last minute order is a little limited so may not happen as fast as you have experienced in the past. Special trips to town for that “I have to have it or else…” order will have a $10 delivery fee. If needed you can always stop by and pick up anything you might need just give us a call ahead of time to schedule. The sooner you get your orders in the better we are able to plan but not later than 5pm the night before your scheduled delivery day. Thank you


This is not meant to be a trick but reference paragraph 2 – we are delivering early this month so that I can spend my dad’s birthday with him. Plan accordingly as the next delivery is 5 weeks away.

Monday June 27Silver Knolls, Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Loyalton, Truckee, Verdi, West Reno
Tuesday June 28South Reno, Washoe Valley, Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton, Fernley
Wednesday June 29North Valley’s, Sparks, Palomino Valley


Thursday August 4North Valley’s, Sparks, Palomino Valley
Friday August 5South Reno, Washoe Valley, Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton, Fernley
Sunday August 7Silver Knolls, Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Loyalton, Truckee, Verdi, West Reno


Tuesday Sept 6South Reno, Washoe Valley, Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton, Fernley
Wednesday Sept 7North Valley’s, Sparks, Palomino Valley
Thursday Sept 8Silver Knolls, Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Loyalton, Truckee, Verdi, West Reno

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Tami Rougeau

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