January News From The Ranch

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful safe holiday. Things were pretty quiet here at the ranch filled mostly with preparing for all this snow! It sure is beautiful but it makes for a lot more work as you all know. Keeping water tanks open and shelters cleared and blankets on/off if that is your way adds to the daily upkeep. I do find that all that extra time spent on chores with the horses is appreciated by them as they follow me around, stealing tools, gloves, hats and anything else they can get hold of (of course this only applies to the red boys) the mares enjoy nuzzling up close for a good scratch and perfectly happy being used as a leaning post or in some cases a lift out of a deep snow drift. The horses for the most part enjoy the snow more than this human. We did get a chance to go for a lovely snow ride before the weather turned so nasty. There is something very special about riding in fresh snow. We hope you get to enjoy it the way we did.

Product updates

Like everything else these days we are experiencing price increases that will go into effect in January. Mostly this will be on Standlee and Uckele products. Shipping has also gone up with the rising cost of fuel and overall trucking costs. These increases will be minor, probably only a dollar or two, but they will be there. We will keep our prices below any other local competitor and as always delivery will remain free on our scheduled days.

On the good news side, 5 pound MSM is back! I know for many of you that will be a relief…although most of you have that 20 lb. bucket that will last you a long while. I do need to know what you prefer so that I can keep the right one in stock and available.

We have several folks calling us with challenges from winter laminitis. At the same time Dr. Kellon has had a few articles on the same topic. We thought it might be useful to share links to her relevant articles here.

Delivery Days

These are the projected delivery days to your area. As we continue to grow and get busy it is even more important to get your orders in early. As soon as I have your order I will get an invoice to you. As you all know Mother Nature is making up for lost time and giving us all of the snow we missed the last couple of years. I will be spreading things out to make deliveries more reasonable considering road conditions and also to be able to make up if there is a day that is really not going to be safe. I will stay in touch with you via text message as needed to let you know when to expect me so nothing gets left outside. If the weather is just not safe then I will work with you on the reschedule. Let’s just hope for a week of decent clear weather and a break from all this snow and ice.

Tuesday January 4

Wednesday January 5

Thursday January 6

Friday January 7

Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton

North Valley’s, Sparks, Palomino Valley

South Reno, Washoe Valley

Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Truckee/Verdi

The website is getting better every month so anytime you want to start placing orders on the website go ahead and do so. If you select the Cash option then you will get the standard invoice and can pay cash, check or Venmo like normal. This option also allows me to make adjustments for your FREE Frequent Forager Bags, discounts and coupons. If you pay via credit card or Paypal then you will see a $10 convenience fee applied to cover the cost of the fees charged.


Tami Rougeau

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