February News From The Ranch

Happy February and welcome to winter,
It would sure be nice if winter would show up to the party on time and not act like the crazy cousin dancing on the table and hanging from the chandelier insulting grandma….UGH!  At least it is pretty when the sun comes out.
Lots of discussion this past month about hoof health, tendon/ligament injuries and toplines.  Attached are three great articles from Dr. Kellon discussing the importance of amino acids and other minerals to support hoof, tendon and ligament health.  Quick reading while you sip tea and watch the snow fall.  We have all of these products in stock.  If you think they might be useful in your program just give a call if you want to talk about it or place an order.
The new Easyboot 50 test is going great – well until the snow fell.  We have put over 100 miles on our test pair and so far we are loving the way they fit.  Both Rockett and May are prone to scratches and I have to be careful with the gaiters.  Both horses do well in the Fury line as well so it was not really surprising that they did well in the 50.  The 50 does not offer as much adjustability as the Fury so in some ways it is easier to deal with.  But if you need that custom fit the Fury is a great option without the glove style gaiter.
The Sneaker is also out and we have our first pair on order.  We will let you know how it goes.  This may be the perfect combination of therapy and riding boot.
There are no coupons for this month but the Buy 10 get one Free Frequent Forager program continues.  No one beats Standlee products for quality and we offer the lowest prices around.  If you have not tried Standlee Premium Western Forage products yet and would like to try some let me know.  You won’t find higher quality or lower prices anywhere – and no one gives you a free bag of feed!
Thank you all for the continued referrals.  We are so excited to meet so many new people.  In appreciation, this year for every referral you send our way you will get a $10 credit on your account after they make their first purchase.  Thanks for continuing to spread the word.  
Despite the crazy winter weather the past few days the hens are laying like crazy.  We have plenty of eggs for everyone. $4.00 a dozen.  If there is interest in duck eggs please let me know.  We have someone who would like to share her bounty and I will be able to bring them along on my delivery routes.  The  current product and price list is attached for your reference and to share.
Speaking of delivery.  Here is the schedule, but please be flexible as weather could drive changes.  So far it looks just fine but this is winter in the Sierra’s and we all know what that means.  The sooner you can get your order in the better for me so that I can be organized in case I need to change things up.  For those of you in the outlying areas like Fernly and Fallon we will come that way as long as we have a minimum of three orders in the area.  
Monday 1 Feb – Rancho Haven, Sierraville, West Reno

Tuesday 2 Feb – Sparks, Palomino Valley, North Valleys, Silver Knolls

Wednesday 3 Feb – Washoe Valley, South Reno

Friday 5 Feb – Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton
We look forward to seeing everyone this month.  Be safe, stay healthy and hug your ponies regularly.

Tami Rougeau

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