February News From The Ranch

So sorry for the long delay getting this months newsletter out. We have had a lot going on around here that I wanted to make sure was included this month – plus watching the weather to see what this week was going to look like for deliveries.

Good news first. As many of you know Uckele turned over its marketing and distribution to Smart Pak last fall. Retailer were all told there would be no change and to expect a smooth transition. For the most part that is the case. But now we are starting to see the inevitable changes take place. A few of our favorite items have been discontinued and others have been rebranded (same product new label). In anticipation of the changes we started researching other product lines looking for comparable products. The NASC certification is important to us as it guarantees that what the label says is actually what you are getting. We also do not like products with lots of added sugar or things our horses do not need. To that end we have been working with Med Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) to become a dealer. This week we sealed the deal so you will start seeing the MVP products on the website. We will be starting small with only those items already discontinued by Uckele or that have been requested by our customers. Go to the website https://medvetpharm.com/ and check out what they have. Then let us know what you want to see on the shelf.

Now for the expected news for anyone who has not gone into hibernation today. We are going to keep a close eye on the weather for deliveries. You can expect that they will be delayed. We have a delivery truck coming here as well that may delay things too since I can’t be in two places at once. So in order to help me plan and be as efficient as possible please get me your orders by 5pm on Monday. That way I can plan for full truckloads and full days to get everyone taken care of as efficiently as possible. Please let me know if I can’t get to the normal delivery area where to put your deliveries. Remember we will not deliver in inclement weather and we wont just leave your delivery out in bad weather unless you ask us too and then sales are final and no returns or exchanges will be done.

Along with the new year also comes more changes and new prices. There really are not too many drastic changes and some things have actually gone down. I will get the new prices uploaded this week. It will be a busy week one way or the other so please be sure to get your orders in by Monday evening so that invoices can go out and I can plan for the week once the delivery truck gets here.

EasyCare has a new logo! So much going on with Easycare products and so much advancement in the art and science of hoof care. If you have not visited their education site lately, then this would be a great place to explore around. See what is new and learn some new techniques. Some items are being discontinued so if you are a fan better get extras now while supplies last. These items include the Fury, Easyboot Glue-On, Easyshoe Versa (nail on) and Versa Grip Stud. Many of these items we have in stock still so if there is something you like don’t wait to re-order.

Popular items like the Versa Grip, Versa Grip Glue and Octo are all still available.

As we said above, we have added MVP to the line up of superb products. This is a solid company with NASC certification on all of their products. We will begin slowly adding their products along side the Uckele, Peak Performance and Standlee. The driver for this choice really was the discontinuance of some of the Uckele products that you all know and love. To begin we will offer the Psyllium and E+SE. We have been using these products the last couple of months and have been very pleased with them. Look for us to highlight their products as we add them to the website.

It is always best to get your order for the month in as early as possible and this month is no exception. With the sudden showing of winter things are pretty messy. The delivery truck is delayed by a couple of days so that will also put a delay in our deliveries. PLEASE get your orders in by Tuesday evening to make sure your order is on a truck when it heads your way. We are going to be as efficient as possible and take advantage of all good weather once the truck arrives. We will not deliver during wet weather. It is just too hard on some of the feeds to be exposed to moisture if you don’t have the ability to open the bags and let them breath a bit upon delivery. Putting the schedule out a few months ahead still seems to be working well, so we will continue to post three months of deliveries at a time. With fuel prices as high as they are we will be trying to be as efficient as possible in our delivery days. We are making fewer additional trips to town as well so our ability to fit in a last minute order is a little limited so may not happen as fast as you have experienced in the past. Special trips to town for that “I have to have it or else…” order will have a $10 delivery fee. If you need to, you can always stop by and pick up anything you might need, just give us a call ahead of time to schedule. The sooner you get your orders in the better we are able to plan, but not later than 5pm the night before your scheduled delivery day. With winter will come weather than can impact our deliveries. If we have to make changes we will let you know. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have enough to carry your through an extra week if the weather keeps us from delivering as planned. Thank you

https://threersranch.com You can place your order here and pay on line. Paypal, Credit Card and Venmo Products and Service are charged a 3% convenience fee. If you still want to pay with cash, check or Venmo then simply select cash on delivery. Discounts and coupons are applied after you place your order online and may affect your final total. If you have any questions please email trougeau@threersranch.com.

Tami Rougeau

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