February News From The Ranch

It appears as though we are getting a well deserved reprieve from the harsh weather. These cool sunny days sure make it hard to stay inside. We hope you are getting to enjoy this nice weather as much as we are. It is great to be out of the wet, muddy slop.

We thank you all for your patience with January deliveries. It seemed that none of the trucks could be on schedule. The good news is that everything is now here and we are fully stocked with everything you need to get ready for ride season.

We are ramping up for the start of our season with the Rides of March 30 and 50 Mile Endurance Rides here in Reno. The entry is posted and is filling fast. We will be looking for volunteers to help us out again this year. If you have wondered about endurance or just enjoy spending the day with great people and horses please come out and join us. Entries are limited but there is no limit for volunteers. You can find out more information on the Rides of March Facebook page.

This recent article by Dr. Kellon, Equine Nutritionist, was very interesting as we think about how our hay has changed over the years and how much it really can be missing. Getting a good analysis of your hay is key to making sure your horses diet is well balanced. Tri-Amino really makes a big difference in helping horses build muscle, healthy hooves and https://drkhorsesense.wordpress.com/2022/01/25/an-equine-methionine-deficiency-crisis-is-looming/

Treats are back in stock! In addition to the Standlee Apple Berry Cookies we have Uckele Equi-Treats in both Peppermint and Apple Pie. These yummy little treats are made with timothy grass and sunflower seed meal. There is no sugar added, only natural flavor and no artificial colors to worry about.


Get your orders in early but not later than 6pm the night before your delivery day please. The hens are laying so eggs are back in stock along with everything else.

Tuesday 1 February Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton

Wednesday 2 February North Valleys, Sparks, Palomino Valley

Thursday 3 February South Reno, Washoe Valley

Friday 4 February Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Verdi, West Reno

Tami Rougeau

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