December News from The Ranch

We hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weather as much as we have. Winter will eventually get here but for now we are enjoying the cool sunny days. It was pretty special being able to get up into the mountains still this time of year. The colors were amazing as always and it was good to see new growth happening in the areas that burned just a few months ago.

The horses are by now getting fairly fluffy. This can make it hard sometimes to keep an eye on weight. Be sure to feel through all that fluff for ribs when you are doing your daily grooming. Especially older horses can loose weight quickly in the cold winter months.

The other challenge can be making sure they are drinking enough water. Using tank heaters is great but not always practical if there is no electricity. Putting out buckets of fresh water in the mornings is great. If your horse is not too keen on drinking you can entice them by adding a little stabilized rice bran or beet pulp to the water. Wet sloppy mashes at night are always a great treat and get the digestive system working to also help keep them warm over night.

December Delivery Days

Delivery days are a little odd this month due to holidays and other commitments. Please have your orders in the day before your delivery so that we can have the truck loaded early. Actually the sooner the better as it really helps me plan my days. The hens are still on a bit of a hiatus from laying. If you have asked for eggs then I have you on the list and will get them to you as soon as they start laying again – hopefully soon!

Tuesday November 30

Monday December 6

Friday December 10

Saturday December 11

Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton

Washoe Valley, South Reno

North Valleys, Sparks, Palomino Valley

Rancho Haven, Sierraville, Truckee, Verdi, West Reno

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