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May News From The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | April 26, 2022

Hello Spring….maybe or maybe not. The weather has been a bit crazy the past few weeks. Horses don’t know if they should shed or not. It has made for some real challenges for sure. Keeping those wet mashes going and paying particular attention to guy health is key. Here at the barn we ran a…

April News From The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | March 28, 2022

It has been quite a month for sure. It appears that most of you are starting to get out and enjoy more time with the horses with the nicer weather. The biggest challenge seems to be with the ever rising gas prices that are affecting not only our ability to travel to events but also…

March News From The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | February 27, 2022

February seems to have presented us with all of the seasons for sure. The horses didn’t know if they should shed or shake, although they all seem to still be shedding. The mountains sure needed that extra moisture and it was nice to settle some dust. Hopefully we can get some intermittent nice weather between…

February News From The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | January 28, 2022

It appears as though we are getting a well deserved reprieve from the harsh weather. These cool sunny days sure make it hard to stay inside. We hope you are getting to enjoy this nice weather as much as we are. It is great to be out of the wet, muddy slop. We thank you…

January News From The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | December 29, 2021

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful safe holiday. Things were pretty quiet here at the ranch filled mostly with preparing for all this snow! It sure is beautiful but it makes for a lot more work as you all know. Keeping water tanks open and shelters cleared and blankets on/off if…

December News from The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | November 27, 2021

We hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weather as much as we have. Winter will eventually get here but for now we are enjoying the cool sunny days. It was pretty special being able to get up into the mountains still this time of year. The colors were amazing as always and it…

November News from The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | October 27, 2021

Fall is finally upon us…maybe or maybe not. It is Northern Nevada so somedays it really is hard to tell. The storm this past weekend gave us a much needed dose of water. Hopefully we will get our normal beautiful November to enjoy. For those of you who pull shoes for the winter be sure…

October News from The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | September 28, 2021

Happy Fall!  Finally, our favorite season in Northern Nevada.  The days are cooling off, evenings are perfect for BBQing and hanging out with friends and the days are not too short yet.  After all of the heat and smoke in August and September we are ready to get back to normal.  Of course our local…


By Tami Rougeau | September 5, 2021

This article from Dr. Tania Cubitt and Dr. Stephen Duren, Performance Horse Nutrition and Standlee Premium Products Nutritional Consultants

This year, much of the United States is experiencing weather patterns that are not favorable to growing quality horse forage. Extreme drought or heavy rain fall has plagued many prime forage growing areas. The net result is less high quality forage available for horses. Therefore, horse owners should familiarize themselves with alternative fiber sources that can be used to supplement their horse’s diet if forage becomes scarce.

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May News from The Ranch

By Tami Rougeau | April 26, 2021

Happy Spring!  It looks like competition and camping events are picking up for many of us.  The next 2 months are going to be pretty busy for us with endurance events, camping and gathering with family and friends.  To keep everyone fully stocked the delivery schedule for the next 3 months will be included.  Hopefully…

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