This article from Dr. Tania Cubitt and Dr. Stephen Duren, Performance Horse Nutrition and Standlee Premium Products Nutritional Consultants

This year, much of the United States is experiencing weather patterns that are not favorable to growing quality horse forage. Extreme drought or heavy rain fall has plagued many prime forage growing areas. The net result is less high quality forage available for horses. Therefore, horse owners should familiarize themselves with alternative fiber sources that can be used to supplement their horse’s diet if forage becomes scarce.

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May News from The Ranch

Happy Spring!  It looks like competition and camping events are picking up for many of us.  The next 2 months are going to be pretty busy for us with endurance events, camping and gathering with family and friends.  To keep everyone fully stocked the delivery schedule for the next 3 months will be included.  Hopefully…

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April News From The Ranch

Hello and Happy Spring!Or maybe it is just a delayed winter.  Spring in Nevada is always interesting and keeps us on our toes for sure.  Hopefully you are getting out and enjoying more fresh air and sunshine with your equine partners.It’s spring and that means time to stock up on Standlee products.  Starting 1 April…

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February News From The Ranch

Happy February and welcome to winter,It would sure be nice if winter would show up to the party on time and not act like the crazy cousin dancing on the table and hanging from the chandelier insulting grandma….UGH!  At least it is pretty when the sun comes out.Lots of discussion this past month about hoof…

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January News From The Ranch

Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and happy holiday.We are very much looking forward to the new year and continued growth.  The new website is almost ready to launch.  This will be very exciting for us and give everyone greater access to our products.We have seen great success with customers using the Alfalfa/Timothy Chopped hay. …

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From the Ride Managers Perspective….2020

As a ride manager “the ride” starts as soon as you send in your sanctioning request.  For the Red Rock Rumble that was shortly after the 2019 ride was finalized.  You start looking for bargains on ride awards during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (ok, I will be honest….I only shop on…

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