August News From The Ranch

And just like that it is August and the warmer temps are here. Seems like just 3 months ago we were still in jackets and fretting about “another day of rain” and just 4 months ago we still had our mittens on. Finally the snow has relented enough to let us get to the mountains to cool off. We have enjoyed spending most of this summer in the mountains either here or in Oregon. Last month we escaped the Reno heat and headed to central Oregon where the temps were more polite. The winter was good to the higher elevations for sure and have provided us with a never ending show of wildflowers. The water and grass is in abundance everywhere. We will be continuing to enjoy the higher elevations through the month of August. Luckily we will be home the first week so no changes to deliveries for a change.

This week seems to have brought out the flies. They were bound to show up eventually but it sure was nice not having them. Luckily our herd is not very bothered by them with our daily use of Bug NM. This stuff really does work and keeps the bugs at bay. This, combined with Zephyr’s Pure & Simple Concentrate seem to do the trick and keep everyone bite free.

With the increase in temperatures hydration becomes very important. For those hotter days we add in electrolytes to keep everyone drinking and they all get a little wetter mash in the evening to keep things moving and to give a little more water to the gut to help process things.

We have another truck coming this month to get us restocked. We are currently out of Alfalfa/Timothy Pellets but have plenty of Alfalfa Pellets and Timothy Pellets. Standlee has some new products out and if you would like to try them please let us know. We stock based on demand so let us know if you want us to add anything. New on the list is Alfalfa/Oat Pellets, Alfalfa Chopped Forage and Timothy Chopped Forage.

Now in stock, 4 pound bags of Coat Defense Powder. This powder is a year round go to to help keep skin healthy and avoid skin issues. It is also soothing to itchy skin caused by bites or dryness. We carry the full line of Preventative Powder in refillable 8oz bottles and the economical 4lb bag, shampoo and paste. The paste works great for rubs as well as skin issues such as Scratches. The Shampoo is soothing and helps with itchy, dry, flakey skin. Make sure you have some on hand all year round.

Another great Zephyr’s product is Skin Rescue and No Fly Zone healing salves. These work great for those minor cuts and scrapes that horses always seem to get. Great for rubs as well. The No Fly Zone Ointment not only heals but also detracts flies so your wound can heal cleanly. Best of all these products are all natural so no nasty chemicals to deal with.

With the drying weather also comes drier hooves. Prevent cracking and chipping with Hoof Armor. Easy to apply and lasts for up to two weeks. This hoof protection is a tough yet flexible, abrasive-resistant adhesive coating used to protect the bottom of a horse’s hoof from excessive wear and chipping and also to prevent infections to the rest of the equine foot. Hoof Armor protects the sole of the hoof while it becomes stronger and more resistant to stone bruising. Hoof Armor can be used with barefoot, boots or with shoes to improve the health of your horses hooves. Let us know if you want to find out more about this wonderful product.

Delivery Days for August, September and October

It is always best to get your order for the month in as early as possible. You can text, email or order on line. Please take a look at the schedule to make sure you have your orders in as early as possible. We will not deliver during wet weather. It is just too hard on some of the feeds to be exposed to moisture if you don’t have the ability to open the bags and let them breath a bit upon delivery. Putting the schedule out a few months ahead still seems to be working well, so we will continue to post three months of deliveries at a time. With fuel prices as high as they are we will be trying to be as efficient as possible in our delivery days. We are making fewer additional trips to town as well so our ability to fit in a last minute order is a little limited so may not happen as fast as you have experienced in the past. Special trips to town for that “I have to have it or else…” order will have a $10 delivery fee. If you need to, you can always stop by and pick up anything you might need, just give us a call ahead of time to schedule. The sooner you get your orders in the better we are able to plan, but not later than 5pm the night before your scheduled delivery day. With winter will come weather than can impact our deliveries. If we have to make changes we will let you know. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and have enough to carry your through an extra week if the weather keeps us from delivering as planned. Thank you

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