April News From The Ranch

Hello and Happy Spring!
Or maybe it is just a delayed winter.  Spring in Nevada is always interesting and keeps us on our toes for sure.  Hopefully you are getting out and enjoying more fresh air and sunshine with your equine partners.
It’s spring and that means time to stock up on Standlee products.  Starting 1 April through 31 May. Coupons are available online at www.standleeforage.com.  The coupon is good for $2 off per bag.  Coupons must be printed and available at the time of delivery to get credit for the discount.  That is a great deal combined with the buy 10 Frequent Forager Program.  
For those of you planning camping, shows etc and needing certified weed free hay we have Timothy and Alfalfa compressed bales and also Alfalfa Cubes.  All certified weed free.  The compressed bales are perfect for a weekend camping trip or show.  Weighing only 50 lbs and roughly the size of a carry on suitcase they are very convenient.  We will carry the Timothy year round but supplies of Alfalfa Bales are limited.
Springtime brings with it allergies and bugs.  March and April is when we like to do a round of Phyto-Quench to boost the immunity and help combat seasonal allergies.  Start BugNM early to help your horse combat early flies, gnats and mosquitos.
This also marks the beginning of competition season for so many of us.  Make sure you have what you need from Peak Performance to give your hard working partner all they need to be successful.  Perfect Balance Electrolytes is now in the 4lb tub for 36.99 and 80cc, 3 dose, tubes.  BCAA and DMG are also instock to help support muscle recovery.
We will have a slightly compressed delivery schedule this month due to our busy schedule so please get your orders in ASAP to help us be organized.  For anyone who would like to just pick up their order at The Derby Ride this weekend at Washoe Lake State Park just let us know your order prior to Thursday, 1 April, at 0900 and we will have it with us in the trailer labeled for you and ready for pick up.  
Delivery Days:
5 April – West/South Reno, Washoe Valley, Carson City, Gardnerville, Dayton6 April – Sparks, North Valleys, Silver Knolls, Rancho Haven
Orders can be placed via email, text or phone.  The website is up, there are still some items missing but  you can place orders.  If what you want does not come up, don’t worry, just send me a note and I can add it on the back end.  if you do place an order online select pay cash so that I can make adjustments for discounts and coupons.  This feature is not consistently working yet.  Hopefully we will have the bugs worked out this month.  Thank you to everyone who is helping us identify bugs.
For anyone who has ever been interested in the sport of Endurance the ride this weekend is a great time to learn.  We are in need of volunteers all day on Saturday.  If you are interested please let me know what times you are available and we will get you set up.  The ride starts at 7am and runs through 7pm.  Jobs include in/out timing, pulse taking and scribe.  This will give you a good idea of how this sport works and introduce you to some of the local riders, meet new friends and potential trail buddies.
Thank you all for the continued referrals.  The referral rewards program will continue.  You receive a $10 credit to your account once your referral places their first order.  With coupons the next 2 months this is a great time to share your secrets with your friends and neighbors.  The latest price and product list is attached.  As always if there is something you would like to see added please let us know.
Thank you all, Happy Trails

Tami RougeauThree R’s Ranch(775) 250-1042

Tami Rougeau

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