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May News From The Ranch

It looks like spring is trying hard to make an appearance. The snow is starting to slowly melt away and there are more sunny nice days to enjoy. Of course the horses have known for a while that it was coming as evidenced by the amount of shedding going on. Even though the snow and…
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April News From The Ranch

I am sure we are all hoping that Harriet is correct. Spring has to get here sometime. The horses are shedding like crazy and there are green bulb tips starting to show. We did a couple of more trips down to Ridgecrest to get out of this weather and be able to ride in sunshine.…
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March News From The Ranch

Well it appears that March is coming at us with gusto. As much as we need the moisture we are sort of getting tired of the constant barrage of snow, wind and ice. We got so tired of it we just left town a few times…well OK, every week. It was sure nice to feel…
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February News From The Ranch

January has certainly posed many a challenge so far. So much early snow and rain is really needed and should give us a great show of spring flowers. The break from the wet weather this past week has been much needed as well. The horse love the cold crisp mornings to run about and kick…
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January News From The Ranch

This is what we keep reminding ourselves as we watch what seems to be a never ending rain this week. Thankfully we had some really lovely days earlier in the month to make up for it. For now though it just adds to what has been a very frustrating month for all of us anxiously…
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December News From The Ranch

Happy Holidays! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, friends and your furry pets. Thankfully we have not seen a lot of the white stuff down here yet but it is coming soon. The nice weather the last few weeks has been nice and seems to be allowing us to get out and…
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