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July News From The Ranch

And here we are, halfway through 2022. The solstice has welcomed in summer and it appears to be staying for the time being. The wild flowers are out in full force right now. If you have not been out yet you better hurry or you will miss them. The higher elevations are just beginning. I…
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JUNE NEWS FROM THE RANCH Hello June, and whatever season you plan to declare. May certainly wanted all of the seasons. Thank you all for your patience as we once again dealt with the trials and tribulations of the current freight system. It was our desire to keep the cost as low as possible so…
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May News From The Ranch

Hello Spring….maybe or maybe not. The weather has been a bit crazy the past few weeks. Horses don’t know if they should shed or not. It has made for some real challenges for sure. Keeping those wet mashes going and paying particular attention to guy health is key. Here at the barn we ran a…
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April News From The Ranch

It has been quite a month for sure. It appears that most of you are starting to get out and enjoy more time with the horses with the nicer weather. The biggest challenge seems to be with the ever rising gas prices that are affecting not only our ability to travel to events but also…
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March News From The Ranch

February seems to have presented us with all of the seasons for sure. The horses didn’t know if they should shed or shake, although they all seem to still be shedding. The mountains sure needed that extra moisture and it was nice to settle some dust. Hopefully we can get some intermittent nice weather between…
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February News From The Ranch

It appears as though we are getting a well deserved reprieve from the harsh weather. These cool sunny days sure make it hard to stay inside. We hope you are getting to enjoy this nice weather as much as we are. It is great to be out of the wet, muddy slop. We thank you…
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